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Creative Space Capsule Humidifier

Creative Space Capsule Humidifier

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🌊✨ Experience the magic of our Ultrasonic Atomizer Humidifier, a perfect blend of technology and elegance! 🌊✨

🌿 Material: ABS + Transparent PC + Silicone
🌌 Atomizer Frequency: 108Hz
🌬️ Atomization Principle: Ultrasonic
💧 Water Capacity: 220ML
💦 Spray Volume: Approximately 40L/H
🔌 Input: DC5V/1A
⚡ Power: 1.5-2W
🔌 Interface Type: TYPE-C
🌟 Night Light: Colorful Flash
📏 Product Size: Length 110 * Width 110 * Height 119mm

Enjoy the delightful benefits of our Ultrasonic Atomizer Humidifier, featuring cutting-edge technology and a stylish design! 💦🌈

The humidifier's ultrasonic atomizer frequency of 108Hz ensures optimal performance, creating a refreshing mist that revitalizes your surroundings. 🌬️🍃

Crafted with durable ABS, transparent PC, and silicone materials, this humidifier is built to last while maintaining an elegant appearance. 💪🏽💧

The water capacity of 220ML and spray volume of about 40L/H offer long-lasting moisture for a comfortable atmosphere. 💧✨

Efficient and eco-friendly, the humidifier operates at a low power of 1.5-2W while providing soothing mist. 🌱⚡

Featuring a convenient TYPE-C interface, recharging this humidifier is a breeze. 🔌💨

Indulge in a colorful flash of night light, creating a serene and enchanting ambiance in any space. 🌌🌟

With a compact size of Length 110 * Width 110 * Height 119mm, this humidifier complements any decor, making it a perfect addition to your home or office. 🏡✨

Immerse yourself in the calming mist and vibrant lights of our Ultrasonic Atomizer Humidifier, enhancing your well-being and ambiance with every use. 🌬️💡🌈


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